Inspired by the past,
creating the future

The notion of getting together over coffee and conversing originated in the Middle East. Intellect draws inspiration from the original coffee houses of the past and takes pride in the Middle East reclaiming its position as the coffee-consuming powerhouse it historically was.

Intellect Coffee is a prominent UAE-based coffee roastery that caters to the HORECA and retail segments across the MENA region. Our extensive range of products includes coffee blends, single origin coffee and coffee concentrates. Intellect Coffee sources green beans directly from farms across the world and roasts them in the UAE.

Our showroom

Our showroom is centrally located in Al Quoz 3 Dubai and is the ideal place to try our coffee, find the perfect coffee machine or get any coffee equipment serviced. Pass by to get up close and personal with all things coffee.

  • Our Mission

    “To honour the tradition of coffee – and those who cultivate, process, serve and consume it”

  • Our Vision

    "To connect the world through coffee"

Sourcing &

Our coffee beans are selectively sourced directly from farms across the world and go through a strict quality control process to ensure they are sustainable, ethically traded and meet our quality standards. The beans are then roasted at our state-of the art facilities in the UAE, using the latest technologies and analytical tools.

Our blends are designed by a team of experts, consisting of a world coffee champion, Q-graders and licensed coffee professionals, to ensure harmony of flavors, balanced taste and mouthfeel. All our products follow stringent quality protocols.